This section contains videos that explain the birth and creation of the Holocaust Museum, the miracles that God has done through the Museum, the history of the hatred and dehumanization of the Jews through the “Final Solution,” the use of the law in Nazi Germany as a tool of evil, the training of the Hitler Youth, the silence of America to the desperate cries for help during the Holocaust, and the miraculous re-birth of the nation of Israel.

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Karel Reynolds

The Holocaust Museum was born after our church went through a tremendous season of persecution and won a federal lawsuit as we fought for our religious freedoms to pray and to raise our children according to our religious convictions. We began to study the Scriptures and see what has happened to the Jews throughout history as they have been severely persecuted. The Holocaust Museum contains collections that document the history of the Jewish people from ancient times, the events of the Holocaust, the liberation of Holocaust survivors, the miraculous birth of the nation of Israel in one day according to God’s promise, and the current events in Israel. Our students are taught how precious life is and how accountable they are for the choices that they make—they learn how to treasure the God- given freedoms we hold as citizens of a democracy.

Karel Reynolds

The Holocaust Museum is a living memorial that archives the twelve short years of history from 1933-1945, in which six million Jews were targeted for extermination and murdered under the Nazi regime. Every piece in this Holocaust Museum comes directly from primary source evidence, and has been researched and created with hours of love, compassion, and caring from kindergarten through 12th grade and college-age students who want the world to know what happened in the Holocaust so that such a horrendous event will never happen again. Every student who studies the Holocaust at the Word of Faith Christian School becomes a living witness, well-equipped to stand against the deadly forces of hatred, prejudice, racism, and genocide, and to make a difference in our generation.

Karel Reynolds

We know that the Spirit of the Lord has truly come upon us throughout this last decade to do this holy work. Every project is placed by God in the hearts of the students, and they labor with their whole hearts for each intricate detail of the sculptures, paintings, scale models, and other projects because they want them to be a memorial to the Jewish people, to be a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust, and to speak to our generation the history of the Holocaust. This is a project of our whole church congregation, as we all work together because we love God and because we love His people. We have traveled throughout the United States with the Museum, and have been blessed to have many relationships with rabbis, educators, friends from Israel, and other Jewish brothers and sisters. We are honored and touched to stand with Israel and be a blessing to Israel through the Holocaust Museum.

Connie Davies

The purpose of law and government is to guarantee and protect fundamental, God-given rights to all human beings. However, in Nazi Germany, the law was used as an instrument of murder to come against the Jews and strip away their rights not only as citizens, but also as human beings. The corruption of the law and uprooting of democracy by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party led to the horrendous atrocities of the Holocaust, and serves as a warning to the world today.

Connie Davies

It is an indisputable fact that America knew of the plight of the Jews in the Holocaust. As early as 1938, the United States’ government made a decision to refuse to let 20,000 Jewish children to come to the United States. Throughout the early 1940s, the pleas of the Jewish people in America were ignored time and time again. We must not sit by silently today as the nation of Israel stands threatened again by the hostile nations surrounding them—we must stand to make a difference.

Frank Webster

Menachem Begin, the Sixth Prime Minister of Israel, understood that the Land of Israel belonged to the Jews, according to God’s promise to Abraham in Genesis 15:18: “To your descendants I have given this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates…” Prime Minister Begin was a very God-fearing and humble leader, who instructed his governmental staff that “this will be a government that serves and does not reap.” As the son of Holocaust victims and a victim of a Soviet camp himself, Begin proclaimed: “We shall fight, every Jew in the homeland shall fight… The Lord of Hosts, is with us. There shall be no retreat.”

Mark Morris

The Hitler Youth Organization, founded in the 1920s, served to indoctrinate the very hearts and minds of German youth to accept the Nazi ideology and further the Nazi regime at any cost. The Hitler Youth Organization was the largest youth group in the world at the time, comprised of 8.8 million young men and women who were trained to hate Jews, to believe that they were superior to other people, and to be completely loyal to the Nazi party above all else, including God. Today, young people must be trained to love and honor God, to know the truth, and to stand boldly for their convictions in this generation.


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