Collection - America and the Holocaust

1933-1945 – Franklin D. Roosevelt – U.S. President

“On November 25, 1942...The New York Times carried the first authenticated report that the Nazis had established a policy to exterminate Jews...The story of the slaughter of the Jews–a report confirmed by the State Department that more than two million Jews in Nazi-occupied Europe had already been systematically murdered...[report] appeared on page 10.”

On October 6, 1943, 400 rabbis stood on the steps of the United States Capitol and begged America for help… “America was our last great hope…” – 1943 “America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference” - PBS

World War II Collections include:

  • U.S. Military Generals
  • Pearl Harbor – 1941
  • War Times Conferences
  • U.S. WWII Memorial
  • Iwo Jima
  • Pentagon – completed in 1941 to house headquarters of US Department of Defense
  • Albert Einstein – fled Germany in1934, expressed public outrage at Hitler, and warned what was coming. Einstein never returned to Germany, moved to the United States, and wrote President Franklin D. Roosevelt a personal letter that resulted in the Manhattan Project, the development of the atomic bomb.

I do not know what we can do to save the Jews in Europe…but I know that we will be the sufferers if we let great wrongs occur without exerting ourselves to correct them.

Eleanor Roosevelt, 1943

Images from the Collecion

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