Collection - Statehood of Israel

As Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion proclaimed in Israel’s Declaration of Independence:

“The Jewish people arose in the land of Israel and it was here that its spiritual, religious and political character was shaped. Here they attained their sovereignty, and here they bequeathed to the world their national and cultural treasures, and the most eternal of books.” – David Ben-Gurion in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, 1948

Collections on Israel include:

  • The Tabernacle, Solomon’s Temples, Synagogues, and Jerusalem
  • Torah Scrolls, Rabbis
  • Statehood of Israel – May 14, 1948
  • Operation Entebbe and Israeli Defense Forces
  • Israel Today – Genesis 12:3 and Genesis 17:8
  • Lion and Lamb – Isaiah 11:6
  • President Shimon Peres
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Images from the Collecion

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